The Company

The Need..

The rapid and catalytic developments in the space of modern Europe enterprises have effectively been adopted in those that wish their competitive maintainance in the market. The continuously increasing requirements for competitiveness and growth at the new economic data, increases the corporate responsibility for change and development.


The exploitation of modern technology can constitute basic lever of growth for those who wish to face the new challenges with success. How much easy is it however for a modern enterprise to observe the developments in the sector of applications of information technology in order to develop new technologies?

In Dynatron we believe that the modern enterprise needs specialised solutions. Solutions that result after studying all operational needs, that are created in order to face these particular needs and not to constitute standardised answers in them.

Moreover we believe that the proposed solutions of information technology will be supposed to cover all the spectrum of technological needs of modern enterprises. For this reason, we offer completed solutions. Combining products and services, we begin from PC installation and equipment, move on with software products’ development and continue with users’ training services and maintenance of systems, covering in this way all the sectors of activity.

The House..

Historical Retrospection…
Dynatron is activated from 2006 in the Europe market , with our main activity, to provide   information technology services, completely adapted in the particular needs and the objectives of each enterprise. Furthermore, we have developed sales network in Europe with subsidiary companies in Austria,Czech Repuplic,Bulgaria,Greece with a view to offer our completed solutions to our customers at any place.

Our mission…

Exploiting the training, the experience and the know-how of our human potential, in Dynatron we draw pioneering enterprising solutions and provide a wide spectrum of technological services aiming at the benefit of added value services in our collaborators.

Our Principles…

– By Offering high quality services, we aim in the continuous optimisation of informative system and in the exploitation of information on the production of operational knowledge
– With our suppliers we share their vision for their products and the promotion of achieved growth of their commercial identity. Our relations with them are relations of collaboration that are supported in the mutual respect.
– In the centre of our activities is the customer himself. The consequence, the directness and the effectiveness at customer’s support, constitute the basic values of our company and the base for long-lasting relations of reciprocal respect.

Our Philosophy…

In Dynatron we adopt the modern clientele perception that wants the customer in the centre of activities and all our services, giving accent in the directness and the plenitude of customer service. Our clientele perception renders Dynatron as strategic collaborator and consultant on new technological issues and information technology for the modernisation and the intensification of competitiveness of customer. In this base, we shape long-lasting relations of collaboration and confidence with our customers.

Our Strategy…

In the frame of our clientele philosophy we give particular accent in the growth of our Marketing department and its activities. The role of marketing in the more general operation and administrative structure of the company has been upgraded the last years, because we consider that the work which carries out is decisive importance for the growth of profitability of our company and our establishment in the market.
In the practice this is translated in careful planning of network growth of our subsidiary companies not only by studying the occasions, but also the threats that can be presented in every case, analysis and planning of our products’ portfolio according to the market tendencies, in the determination of our billing policy and finally in the strategy of promotion of our services with energies that are exploited traditionally and simultaneously in the projection and the publicity, so as both strengthen our relation with the suppliers and our collaborators and also strengthen our relation with the customers and our presence in the market.
The Operational Marketing of Dynatron, offers possibility of growth with:
– Continuous improvement of offered products and services
– Products suitable adapted in the real needs of our customers
– Our sales in the existing markets by extending the collaboration with our already existing customers, and moreover enriching our clientele
– Better labour conditions due to the knowledge of in-depth techniques of dealing with our clientele, allows easier and more effective their confrontation.
– Better and qualitative relations with the customers, so as traditional bonds of reciprocal interest are being created.

Our Vision…

A rapid development and establishment of Dynatron as the leading operational presence and basic investor of technological developments both in Europe and abroad.
Our Goals…
Direct objective of our company for the next three-year period is the establishment in the World market, with individual objectives:
– our clientele enlargement
– the continuous growth of human potential
– the creation of subsidiary departments in nodal points of Europe
– the offer of vertical software in correspondence of particular requirements of many enterprises.
– the continuous improvement of services in quantitative and qualitative level


Dynatron’s information technology, with final aim all our customers to have access in all the technologies, the solutions and the products, which embrace with the better possible way their requirements, lending them high added value.