Enterprise Resource Planning ( E.R.P )

Dynatron Technologies is backed by strong experience in Enterprise Resource Planning application development. With the help of an expert group we make a firm grip on the client’s business fundamentals and weave solution around it. Our teams understand that cost and quality are the critical factors that dictate client needs and we work towards delivering the best quality at the an optimum price.

Enterprise Resource planning is the back-bone of a business. The superior resource planning initiative strongly reflects in the future return on investments. But as the scale and complexity of business processes grows, there arises a need of an automated solution that seamlessly integrates all business processes and plans resources considering all the influential macro and micro parameters.

Specialized application packages are developed for this purpose and are called the same, ERPs. An ERP is a software tool that looks at all the enterprise wide resource availability and plans resource allocation in the most optimized manner.

As with many other software products, customers have the choice of choosing between an off the shelf ERP product or developing a custom ERP solution. The off the shelf solutions are apparently friendly but they are rarely deployed without some customizations. Moreover the expense of buying ERP packages from the best vendors like SAP, Oracle etc. is not economically and practically viable for most medium scale businesses.

Custom developed ERP solutions on the other hand are made to meet specific needs. The focus and suitability to business scenarios is such that most small and medium businesses prefer to pick such solutions. Provided the vendor can grasp the true need of the organization, a successful ERP deployment can increase the ROI manifold.
Manufacturing ERP

The process of selecting and evaluating an ERP system is never the same for any 2 companies. Internal company processes pilot the exact needs of the company. When comparing ERP systems the entire package of functionality, technology and vendor should be reviewed.

For companies looking to add, upgrade or replace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), there are some pointers that can help them in the decision, irrespective of the business function.

The platform (e.g., .NET, SQL, hosted, etc.) of the ERP is important, but ERP system should not be selected based on platform alone. Doing so may distract from the real value an ERP system can provide. Do not eliminate potential ERP solutions based on platform, instead look for functionality and then consider whether the functionality compensates for the platform difference.
As technology evolves, so should a good ERP system. If an ERP vendor is not on the leading edge of technology, chances are that vendor is not a viable option for the long run. Check to see how an ERP vendor is keeping up with technology. Are they focused on research and development for future applications, or are they focused on past technology that will soon be out dated? If certain features are not in the package, but functionality specific to those features is offered, is the vendor willing to put it in writing?
How Many Vendors Are Included? It is important to understand how many total vendors will contribute to an ERP package. Some ERP packages are built upon technology developed by and acquired from multiple sources, but packaged as a single system. This often causes system incompatibilities, costing both time and money. Ideally, all software components will be designed, developed, supplied and supported by the same vendor. Sometimes the number of vendors can be as many as the number of system components. Maintaining that many vendor relationships, databases and connections is time consuming and costly.
The Always Useful Buzz Words With all the hype on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Best of Breed, Lean Manufacturing and so many other catch phrases floating around the industry today, ERP selection can seem overwhelming. Instead of focusing on the buzz words, focus on who is making the buzz. For example, is SOA really best or is it just a nice package that SOA vendors are using to sell how they do business today? Will the SOA buzz diminish when these vendors’ product offerings change?
Implementation Time
Time is money. When provided with an estimate for the number of days to complete an
Implementation, ask how the vendor arrived at the number. The vendor may have a proven plan of how to implement in less time that does not match what their competition is offering. Implementation times will vary from package to package, but don’t take for granted the number of days noted by the salesperson. Purchasing ERP is not just about the software received, it’s about follow through that brings that software live, and maintains it once installed.
Objectively Observe Understand your true market and your position in that market. Buy a package that focuses on your current market position, but can carry you to your next goal and beyond. An ideal package is one that can be purchased today, with only the components that are needed, but expand with a business as it grows.
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We offer ERP software systems for our clients and are one of the exclusive ERP software companies (vendors) that have a specialized jewelry ERP. Other ERP and related services that we offer are

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