Microsoft SQL

The database is often the foundation stone of a good application. It is the structure in which the data is arranged through the system and has great effect especially in any future enhancements of the application. A thorough amount of planning is required for developing a good database especially for complex application.

We work on database design and development services in and outsourcing model. We have a team of database experts who come up with the best application database design. We work custom database development requirements. We also provide database migration services to MS SQL database.

Access to SQL Migration

There are various applications in use today that still use Microsoft access as the back and database. With each passing day Microsoft access is being replaced by MS SQL as the preferred database because of its inherent advantages.

We have worked on various application database migration tasks as the client could no longer use Microsoft access as the database platform. There are various reasons why an would want to migrate the database from access

  • Security: is and Data Security is initial Microsoft access database is not a very good choice. It is a simple password protected file and does not have the same level of security as SQL server. SQL server offers on 128 bit encryption and storage in a remote location from the user and application
  • Data integrity : access based databases require regular maintenance to maintain the data integrity. Data recovery processes are also not impressive. SQL server on the other hand has several tools and repair processes.
  • Some data backups : a major drawback of access databases is that it cannot be backed up when data is changing and users are in it. This is a major problem as most databases continue to change 24 hours a day. In case of SQL server backup can be done at any time by using transactions.
  • Logging and rollbacks : MS access does not have inherent feature is for tracking and a new user activity. Any such functionality would require custom programming and may not bring out optimal results. There is also no rollback facility. MS SQL it on the other hand can log user activity and allows for transaction drawbacks
  • Network performance : File server databases like access pass the entire table over the network. This seriously hampers the network performance as the amount of data increases. MS SQL database passes only certain records that need to be processed. Hence the amount of data moving in the network is highly reduced.
  • Scalability: access databases are tremendously constrained in size and also have problems with too many simultaneous users. If there is a lot of data, SQL server works much better. It supports more users and traffic and improves performance.
  • Deployment and access : MS-Access databases can be used only if access is installed on the PC. This is a big hindrance with size and version problems. The biggest advantage of the MS SQL is that when integrated with a web based application, no deployment is required and anyone can access with a simple Internet connection.
  • Fails in web environment : It can be merely functional and the number of users are very low on the website. As the number of users increases, access databases fail to cope up as the have had designed for windows software.

Our database design & development services

We offer custom database design and development services for web and desktop application. We develop and migrate applications to MS SQL 2017 database. You can outsource Database design and development projects to our offshore development centre in India. Other related services that we offer are

  • Application database development
  • Custom MS SQL database development
  • Migration to MS SQL database
  • Website database design services
  • Web application database development