VoIP Services

A particularly important share in the daily costs of modern enterprises occupies the cost of telephone calls. Objective of all enterprises is the reduction of the communications cost and the increase of flexibility in the subjects of communication. The most modern solution in this vital problem is offered via the materialization of telephone calls with use IP of protocol.
The result of unification of networks of telephony and Internet with the use of technology VoIP, is – particularly in the long distance calls – the debits via Internet of being exceptionally low and frequently being found under those of urban calls. Here, the telephony via Internet comes “in weds” the services of voice with the world of IP and the Internet. It is then perceptible how important are the advantages for enterprises, that seek to decrease their costs in the intensely competitive environment, and mainly for the enterprises that deal with other overseas enterprises.
VoIP telephony is developed rapidly and already many enterprises prefer it for their communication. Especially small and intermediate enterprises, for which the flexibility and the low telecommunications costs constitute critical factors for their survival and the effective confrontation of competition, can easily profit. The permanently increasing benefit of solutions VoIP in the Greek market shapes conditions of healthy competition that decrease the cost of acquisition and increases considerably the quality of service.
The achieved adoption of IP telephony system presupposes the right equipment and the right architecture. Dynatron in this critical moment of choice comes to give the solution! Our company allocates precious experience in the space of telephony and modern unified networks. The strategic collaborations with leading constructors as well as the experienced executive potential of Dynatron offer a comparative advantage both for our company and for you. The technical consultants of Dynatron will propose you a completed solution that wil develop in the highest possible level, the operational model of your enterprise both economically and effectively.